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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"When Jews Show Passion" - Comments

1 Moshe H. on 2008 04 25

Very true. I truly love your insight.

2 Daniel Levy on 2011 01 14

The last point is of course the most crucial in all this. EVERY parent MUST read “OFF THE DERECH” by Faranak Margolese.

3 dovid rabinowitz on 2011 01 14

the gemara in shabbos 23b says that “one who loves rabbanan will be zoche to have a child who will be a rav” the gemara is clearly telling us that love and passion for torah scholars is how we will be zoche to raise one. It is not a Kabbalistic formula it is the only way to transmit this message. (Also see Maharsha ch’a there it is fascinating)

4 Anton Weiss on 2011 01 19

The name of the article is “When Jews Show Passion."Yet you bring a story about “a Greek General.” How does that show Jewish Passion?

The answer is that Nicanor, the Greek General died in 161 B.C.E. and had nothing to do with the gate.  In fact, he threatened to destroy the Bais Hamikdash and the Cohanim.The 13th day of Adar was established as an annual festival to commemorate his downfall.

The Nicanor mentioned in the Talmud was An Alexandrian Jew whol lived about 200 years later. The Gates of Nicanor were inslalled about 20 years before the Churban.  Your heading “When Jews show Passion” is, therefore, true. But for a different reason.

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