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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"What Side Are We On?" - Comments

1 Alan Morinis on 2014 12 19

To put a stamp on this point, the word “synagogue” itself is Greek.

2 Jake on 2014 12 19

Socrates was executed and Aristotle was forced to flee Athens.

3 Jake on 2014 12 19

Rav Haber: Although today Aristo and Socrates are undoubtedly part of the legacy of the Greek empire, whether Athens actually embraced them can certainly be questioned.

4 Shlomo Cooper on 2014 12 19

I have a problem with the word “Greek.” Athens fell in the year 404 B.C.E. during the Peloponnesian War.  It never again was significant politically or militarily Culturally, however, HELLENISM dominated the world. 
When I daven and say the words “malchus Yavan,” I have in mind the HELLENIZED Syrian-Selucidian empire.  Greece was (and is, even today nothing - look at that economy), but Hellenism?  We must be carreful, as you well stated (cf.  R’ SR Hirsch on Chumash)

5 bobby on 2014 12 23

The question for today-must we live in isolated communities, speak only Yiddish and shun physics and philosophy in order to remain Jewish, or can we live in the world of physics and philosophy and remain true to our Jewish heritage? I believe that not only can we live in the scientific and philosophic world but that they will ultimately support the truth of the Torah.

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