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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"What Can We Accomplish at the Seder" - Comments

1 Yehoshua on 2015 04 03

Thank you, rabbi, and Chag Sameach! Yes, it’s up to us.  The major difference between the original Yetziat Mizraim and the Yetziat Mitzraim that we are commanded to experience every day (every moment!) of our lives is this:  the first Yetziat Mitzraim was accomplished by Hashem alone since we did not yet have our Torah or our Land and, since then, we must engage in hishtadlut, in doing mitzvot and in learning and in settling Eretz Yisrael, as prescribed by the Torah.  Living with the Torah in our Land is the only way we can experience true freedom.  The key word is חרות.  It means freedom but it also means engraved.  When Torah is engraved into us, embedded within us, then we are free.

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