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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"God Called Him Moshe" - Comments

1 yehoshua on 2010 03 19

I love that thought at the end, how Moses never forgot that he was rescued from the river.  Every moment of our lives is truly miraculous, we are being rescued in each and every moment from something—from sadness, from impoverishment of body or soul, from the countless disappointments that litter our past.  Mostly, we are being rescued from Mitzraim (meaning straits), the straitened circumstances that forever surround us and would crush us were it not for HaShem who gives us the spirit and the joy to continue, to go beyond our boundaries and create an ever more vibrant relationship with Him.

2 Gershon on 2010 03 19

This helps understand why so much emphasis is put on the exodus from Egypt.  If not for Hashem’s compassion, none of the other susequent events in Jewish history could have transpired.  We therefore must recall “Were were slaves to Pharoah in Egypt and Hashem took us out”.

A good Yom Tov

3 Justin White on 2010 03 22

"Moshe means “pulled out” because she pulled him out of the waves and dangerous waters. (Yalkut Vayikra 1;1). “

Does Yalkut refer to Yalkut Shemoni?  Where exactly does this idea come from?  If someone could give me a few words in Hebrew, I can do a search.

4 Rabbi Yaacov Haber on 2010 03 22

It’s Yalkut Shimoni VaYikra 428 toward the end

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