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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"When We Witness Disgrace" - Comments

1 A Wittenstein on 2009 12 27

Very, very inspiting article, Thank you.  May it be a great zechus for your mother’s holy neshama.

2 Hana-Bashe on 2010 12 10

Powerful and well-said. I look forward to sharing this with at my Shabbos table.

3 Rabbi Daniel Levy on 2010 12 10

Another brilliant piece and it reminds me of the following;

17 years ago I worked in London as a mashgiach/shomer for a restuarant, all the staff were Israeli. Non of them very religious and certainly not Charedi. (But interestingly, one of the Israeli workers, since living in London, resolved only to eat kosher meat).

The head chef told me that some years prior he was walking through Meah Shearim on Shabbat smoking and a young chassid kicked an empty bottle towards him and it hit the back of his feet, the chassid shouted “Shabbos! Shabbos!”.

The Chef told me that he was very cross (more like livid) and since he had just left the army and was the fittest he has ever been in his life, he began chasing the chassid - who in his estimation, wouldn’t be that fit - and he would have no problem in catching him.

But he said that he ran and ran and just couldn’t catch the young chassid. This was despite the heavy clothing the chassid was wearing and the fact that the chassid ran with his hand on his head to hold his hat in place.

Eventualy the chassid ran into a Beis Hamidrash, when the chef entered, he couldn’t tell one form the other, he wasn’t able to get his own back.

I asked him, “So what did you do?”

He replied, “They all looked alike to me, so I hit the one nearest to me in retaliation for what the other one did!”

... mmm, amongst other things, I thought, an interesting concept/lesson in kol yisrael areivim zeh lazeh! - Discuss ...

4 DEAN CASPER on 2010 12 10

Rabbi, Sir: In as much as most of the Torah scholars claim that Yoseph was a Tzadick, I strongly disagree.

After Yoseph became the vice-Pharoah, he never once tried to contact his family or his father. He never made a “call home”. He made his father grieve for him for an additional 7 years. In my belief, that was definately not hororing his Father.

While Yoseph was in the pit with the snakes, he was not involved with the agreement of the brothers not to tell their father.

Perhaps Yoseph was punished by Hashem by passing away 10 years early, which in my opinion even Hashem was not pleased with Yoseph’s lack of an attempth to contact his father further adds fuel to my feelings.

I realize that your son Sender is upset by my thoughts, but he too could not give me an answer to this problem.

Norfolk, VA

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