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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Using Grape Juice for Kiddush" - Comments

1 shlomo on 2013 11 22

what about on the intermediate days of a holiday when there is commandment to drink wine can one use grape juice

2 joshua riber on 2013 11 24

rabbi twersky,md was a neighbor of our in monsey for several years and we davened in the same shuls.
i had heard the story of the recovering alcoholic priest and the rav’s solution. he confirmed the story.
by the may, rabbi dr twersky is a psychiatrist, not psychologist. his wife is a phd psychologist.
very interesting davar torah and historical note.

3 TorahLab on 2013 11 24

Fixed that, thanks.
Regarding Chol Hamoed I would venture that as the purpose is to engender simcha, it would require an alcoholic content.

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