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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Traveling Light" - Comments

1 Kathryn Kelly on 2014 02 10

Thank you, Rabbi, for this very meaningful message.  As I recently moved and have found myself with work and home in completely new environments, and in particular confronted with many new people and personalities, I find it very true that all the changes can certainly provide opportunities for growth as well as for revealing negative attributes in our souls that need refining and cleansing in order to serve The Holy One, Blessed Be He with a purer heart (things we may have remained unaware of needing further work in our previous environment).  It truly is a great blessing to meet new people, so that we can work on judging others favorably, and accepting with gratitude, joy and complete trust and faith whatever challenges they may provide us with are all from our Father’s loving hands to help us reach our necessary rectification, and hopefully, by judging others favorably and giving any manner of encouragement, strength, and hope that we can to them, help others also draw close to our Father and King and receive their necessary rectification as well.

May all of Klal Israel merit to arrive at that day, May it be soon, when He “turns our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh” and we will all be enabled to serve Him with complete and holy hearts.

And may He hear our pleas that the severe decree seeking to uproot Torah from the Land of Israel will be overturned!

Blessings and thank you,

Kathryn Kelly (Tzipporah)

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