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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"“These Are The Flood Waters Of Noah!” - Isaiah 54;9" - Comments

1 Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr on 2014 10 27


Thank you, once again, Rabbi Haber for this insightful vort. After reading it and noticing at the bottom of your article that your blog affords your readers to enter comments, it occurred to me that there are opportunities on many of the web sites and blogs that we’re exposed to on the internet to add our own comments for others to read. It occurred to me that when these comments are entered Le Shaym Shamayim, and with the intention of uplifting those who read them, that we’re actually following your suggestion. I’ve often wondered whether “commenting” was a waste of time, a method of self-help, so to speak to relieve our own emotional frustrations, or whether, indeed, it was appropriate to express our own opinions about “what we believe Hashem wants in the world.” So, thank you for clarifying this issue for me and your other readers.

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