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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Vision of Bilaam" - Comments

1 Seth Greenberg on 2009 01 01

Dear Rabbi Haber, Yasher Koach, Rebi! I am aware of sources that prove the potential of the negative power of the eyes, however I am not aware of any sources which prove that the eyes have a potential power to directly inject goodness. Rather the sources that refer to the ayin tova can be understood that the HASHEM extends blessings to recipient of the ayin tova because that it the desire of the baal ayin tova.
I would love to study more sources. Thank You

2 Gilll Mcgrath on 2016 01 21

Lovely article. Nowadays, it would be prudent of a lot of people to behave as if their eyes project tangible emotion. It might make them think twice before gossiping, being nasty about someone else or suchlike. Also, it would lovely to engage the ‘grateful’ sensor that the eyes really are. Each time you look at your child, you experience Ayin Tov etc.
Thank you Rabbi Haber, really enjoy your website. It brings commonsense and knowledge into a nice understandable format.

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