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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Quest For Jerusalem" - Comments

1 Yaakov Meyer on 2008 08 29

You continue to grasp truths and inspire. Thank you.

2 Ilana on 2008 08 30

The geographical location of Jerusalem - every inch of that land mass is symbolic of our “spiritual voyage”.

Unfortunately, we have become so accustomed to avoiding conflict, being politically correct and enjoying the good life provided by the Western government (to look the other way), we are willing to view the loss of our Holy City as “just a piece of land”.

I can think of nothing more tragic and detrimental for the ‘spiritual’ existance and growth of our people than this kind of thinking.


3 Elle Arnot on 2008 08 31

Well put. Question: The ArtScroll chumash notes for Re’eh indicate that Jerusalem was never intended to be inhabited--not a residential place. Explanation?
Implications for our time?

4 Shmuel Miller on 2013 08 01

Yasher Koach! Yasher Koach! Yasher Koach!!!

I plan to share you thought with over 450 people at camp this Shabbos.

Thank you for the chomer.


5 Nachum on 2013 08 01

One thing I’m not clear about is why there are exact directions given to reach the blessings and curses. Isn’t that also a spiritual struggle? How does it differ from the search for Jerusalem?

6 Yohanon on 2013 08 01

Re “Will There Be Peace In Israel?”
Between whom? Jews and others or haredim and helonim? I worry more about the latter and pity the non-extremist black hats (like the boy in Norfolk) who might get caught in the middle.

7 theresa on 2013 08 03

G-d bless israel. rabbi, i have always found your articles very insightful and it answers many questions to our everyday life. however, today’s article is still a question mark on peace? as a noahide, i do believe the world, and we were created for israel’s sake.and as long as we dont leave israel in peace the rest of the world will know no peace, as we can see it happening everywhere.  why the delayed reaction from Hashem?  i asked the question to my two adult noahide sons. his rabbi sent him this via email.
“A very poignant statement made by Rabbi Aryeh Leib, the “Grandfather of Shpoli.”
He said to the Almighty: “Master of the Universe! The sages of the Talmud pleaded before You to bring Moshiach. You chose not to do so. The holy Ari begged You to bring Moshiach - again You were unwilling. We have reached the point where it is left to someone of my ilk to ask for the Redeemer. Still You are holding out.
“Mark my words. There will come a generation who will have no interest in You or Your Moshiach. Then You will have no choice but to bring Him...."”

i pray such a generation of not having an interest in Hashem or the mosiach will never come about. and that the countless jews whose prayers and tears for redemption will bring about mosiach , G-d willing, now or very soon. blessings.

8 Michael on 2015 08 14

Beautiful Torah, thank you. and Mazal Tov on the Bris!

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