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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Poor Man’s Offering" - Comments

1 yitzchak rosenbaum on 2009 03 27

right on the mark. we must judge ourselves very carefully & give others the benefit of the doubt (l’kaf zechus) goot shabbos /shabbat shalom .

2 Abraham Hayoun on 2011 03 11

Great Dvar Torah but we must be careful in how we refer to our sages! It is RABBI Shimon Bar Yochai…

3 TorahLab on 2011 03 11

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai! Noted and corrected.

Yaacov Haber

4 S. Pogrow on 2011 03 11

This is an incredible d’var Torah.  It teaches tolerance and humility for others as a pivotal factor enabling our avodas Hashem.  It is so easy to see the world from a self-righteous lens and disregard others’ perspectives, backgrounds and challenges.  I really enjoyed the figurative understanding, that judging others and not being able to “see others” and accept them for who they are contrary to our purpose in this world as yidden. It is oftentimes very easy to fall into this trap when one is an observant Jew, observing others make “mistakes.” Hashem planned for all of His children to show tolerance and ahavas achim.  Without it, there is no beis hamikdash, Hashem does not dwell in such a world and does not accept sacrifices from such a world.  Thank you for driving this point home.

5 Daniel Levy on 2011 03 11

As usual a powerful insight. However, one could also answer Rabbi Haber’s question on the Baal Ha’Turim that the Torah was referring to the Cohanim Gedolim during the Bayis Sheni some of whom were not so great.

6 theresa on 2011 03 12

a wonderful wonderful lesson. somehow it has helped me alot. though i am a believing gentile and not a jew. the lesson on humility applies to all mankind. thank you.

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