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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Nine Days" - Comments

1 Elisha on 2009 07 22

I always find the prohibition to wear freshly laundered clothing the hardest.  Rabbi Haber, is there no heter? Maybe you could check around for a blanket heter Bzman Haza?

2 Ari Enkin on 2009 07 24

Rabbi Haber:

Based on “Therefore, if one makes the case that sweat and daily grime is halachic ‘dirt’, then they would be able to wash their entire body to remove that dirt. Indeed, the Mishna Berura (613:2) does say that a lot of sweat would be permissible to wash it off [theoretically on Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av!]”

One should be permitted to brush one’s teeth on Yom Kippur (i.e. the slime/grime in one’s mouth each morning) or at least use mouthwash.

It is also worth noting that washing only a part of one;s body (i.e. brushing teeth) would be considered “chatzi shiur” with regards to the Yom Kippur Restrociton on washing.

So too, washing the slime from one;s mouth may not be the washing that Chazal were looking to ban, at all.

Combine this with the view that we are are considered “cholim” bezman hazeh as well as istinis/kavod habriyos.

I think a case can be made for some basic oral hygiene on Yom Kippur. (Tisha B’av is a davar pashut as the poskim already explicitly permit brushing teeth/mouthwash on on Tisha B’av)

What do you think?

Ari Enkin

p.s. I would love to hear your father’s view on the matter as well.

3 ur on 2009 07 25

RE not being allowed to wear laundered clothing: hmm, my recollection of the teachings back when I was in school is that this didn’t apply now-a-days if one normally did not wear clothes more than once without washing. For example, pants should be preworn, but not shirts and socks. And all clothes worn on Shabos did not.

4 TorahLab on 2009 07 26

R’ Ari,
Although your sevara adds up, I have never heard of anyone actually using the heter to wash their whole body on Tisha B’av, much less Yom Kippur. As far as I know the widely accepted minhag is to be machmir on any type of oral hygiene for Tisha B’Av as well. Please let me know who explicitly permits it?

I’ve heard that, but I am not sure where it came from. I can’t find a source for that anywhere.

5 Ari Enkin on 2009 07 27

Oral Hygiene on Tisha B’av is explicitly permitted (for those who feel they need it) in Mishna Berura 568:11 and Minchat Yitzchak 4:109 among others.



6 cmb on 2012 07 23

This thorough article answers up these kashyos regarding showers:

[make sure to read the footnotes as well]

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