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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Nachas Vacuum" - Comments

1 Menachem Carroll on 2007 12 28

As usual, a wonderful essay!  The lesson about how important it is to have nachus from an orphan, to let him/her know their importance to you, could be a lesson also in how important it is to treat a convert right.

2 Tzvi on 2007 12 30

Beautiful article!

3 YLS on 2008 01 04

Menachem, It is interesting that Sefer HaChinuch juxtaposes Mitzva 65 “Not to afflict any orphan or widow” with Mitzva 63/64 whcih instructs us not to “Verbally/Monitarily oppress a convert to Judaism”. The reason being that just as a widow and orphan have no one to champion for them, so too a convert is without a champion. Nachas is generally the product of a relationship. Most often as parents from children and teachers from students. Perhaps the ultimate nachas is by Hashem from Klal Yisrael when we follow his Torah. Converts are also included in Mitzva 243 - Ahavas Yisrael - The love of another Jew. Both Mitzvos should assure that a convert is treated with the same compassion as any other Torah observant Jew.

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