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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Finding our Moment - the Lesson of Pinchas" - Comments

1 bernard rubin on 2008 07 18

a beautiful thought of the importance of every individual. yeyasher kochacho

2 Ruth Sara Sager on 2008 07 18

i dont know who sent me this torah sheet but is my son hendry champion’s (chaim ben avraham)yartseit and i find special meaning and comfort.may the grandparents who dedicated this lesson be blessed with nachat from their children and grandchildren and all their descendents forever

3 S. L. on 2008 07 18

Is it that our culture does not produce heroes or that we are so enmeshed in our culture that we become desensitized to the heroes in our midst?

4 Robin Luchins on 2011 07 15

Very beautiful, relevant and always!

5 bernie rubin on 2011 07 15

Netivos shalom says that the thing that is most difficult for you is the thing that you were sent on this earth to strive to affect.Each person has that one special chore in life.  If we are easily jealous we need to learn to be happy when someone else succeeds. When we have an uncontrollable desire that is what we need to conquer. It is our destiny. He and you said it much better.

6 S Miller on 2011 07 15

Yasher Koach once again. Thank you for sharing.

7 Yehoshua on 2015 07 10

Am Yisrael is the Pinchas of mankind.  There is no logical reason why Jews should persist in being Jews.  We have been hated by most of the world since Egypt.  And yet, each moment is an עת לעשות לשם, a defiance of every norm, of every sensible course of action, the most sensible of which would be simply to assimilate or, in the geopolitical world, leave Eretz Yisrael and move somewhere else.  Each moment that Am Yisrael persists in being Am Yisrael is an act of zealous determination to sanctify Hashem’s world.

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