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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Land of Love" - Comments

1 Jeff Zucker on 2012 08 06

Rav Sender, thank you for this contribution.  This should give us a good perspective going into the 7 weeks of consolation.—Jeff

2 shoshana margolis on 2015 07 31

i have never put a comment on this site even though i try to read the divrei Torah every erev Shabbos.
this one really touched my heart as so much damage is done when one person hurts another.  it is the source of so much agmat nefesh.  i know everyone has a story about being on the receiving end of a hurtful remark, perhaps not given to elicit that reaction, but nevertheless, that is the outcome as you say Rav Sender.  may we try our best to be more sensitive to each person, to understand from where they are coming.  some people are so very medakdeik on bein adom l’Hashem but not so with bein adom l’chaveiro.  let’s try to dedicate ourselves to perfecting the latter.  may we see the Geula b’rachamim u’ bim’heira...may we be zochim.  shabbat shalom to everyone.

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