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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Grave Sitter" - Comments

1 Yohanon on 2010 08 19

Perhaps our concern for the feelings of the dead really are meant to teach us respect for all things - akin to the prohibition of eating meat and dairy together or chasing away a mother bird before taking the eggs. Lessons are not always so obvious.

2 fishel on 2010 08 20

ofcourse we are our actions-- by the svara explained here defending the ben sorer morer- we can justify a person’s illicit sexual behaviour or justify a violent act-- RL--- we are our middos-- and are hear to develop them-- no??

3 Sender Haber on 2010 08 21

Thank you for reading and for the great points.

I think that Rav Yonasan was showing respect for the dead by demonstrating that the deceased was no longer evil.

I am not suggesting that the Ben Sorer Umoreh is not responsible for his actions. He is responsible for his future and his failure to develop his Midos despite available opportunities results in his execution.

My point is that we should be able to look deep inside and see the beautiful neshama that was unfortunately obscured by Taava. I think that a reading of the chapter in Koheles bears me out. Shlomo Hamelech writes that the bad midos died with the person.

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