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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Eicha Revolution" - Comments

1 Moshi on 2008 08 08

That’s really nice, thank you

Why did Moshe feel alone?

2 Elle Arnot on 2008 08 08

Somehow, the idea of the “sobel” (the porter who carries)as in sovlanut, as in patience and tolerance is hooked to what you have wonderfully articulated. It’s what to chew on for Shabbos seudah and then what to ponder as I fast afterward.Todah.

3 krumlikeapretzel on 2008 08 10

Very, very nice. Thank you.

4 gavriel Horan on 2012 07 25

The most lonely thing in the world is the Shechina - ignored, downtrodden, abused. Imagine Her pain when thousands of people come together in Madison Square Garden (not for a siyum) to watch a ball gets thrown into a hoop.

5 Leeba on 2012 07 26

Thank u for the food for thought on 9 Av
tzom kal Shabbat Shalom

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