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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"The Disappointing G-d" - Comments

1 Leah Mark on 2013 02 01

Dear Rabbi Haber,
Your message is very special. However, your secretary’s lack of awareness of the difference between the word its and it’s mars the impact of your very special Dvar Torah. The apostrophe is used only when the writer wants to say it is and shortens the term,and is NOT correct thoughout your piece and on the home page.
Good Shabbos

2 David Kunkel on 2013 02 01

While on the same subject, I suggest your secretary (wink) look up the difference between “Baron” and “barren”.

Regards from Buffalo!

3 Chaim on 2013 02 02

Let’s stop shooting the messenger and concentrate on the message!

4 Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr on 2013 02 03


Dear Rabbi Haber,

Thank you for this d’var Torah.  Enlightening, it is, as usual!  Emuna is a character trait that is hard to acquire when one is in a moment of “testing.” And, Hashem “tests” us all in order to see if we REALLY want to come closer to Him or whether we’re just mouthing the words.  I’m so grateful for His tests, may they all be minor.  Remembering that He never gives us a challenge that we can not meet, I feel so privileged to have a Rabbi such as you to help show us the way to His Truth.  I’m thankful for you and for Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.  You are the living (biz 120 years) example of a person living with Emuna; opening yourself up to comments on your words of Torah is a huge sign of humility and a desire to bring the Emmet of Torah to the Gashmiut of the World.  I salute you for your strength of character and for you scholarship.  May Hashem bless you and your family with the zechut to continue your work in His service.  Shavua Tov

5 TorahLab on 2013 02 03

Fixed the typos. Thanks for pointing them out.

6 David Kunkel on 2013 02 03

Thanks, Rabbi! Of course, we go back a long way when it comes to typos, don’t we!

7 Pnina (Hobart) on 2013 02 06

I especially like your phrase “We can be like the ‘Stars of the Heaven’ but we can also be like the ‘Sand of the Earth’.” We are both.
This is our job - not to be negative. That this is how we are (will be?) were promises made to Avraham Ovinu, so there must be positives in both states. We can bring our ‘Stars of Heaven’ and imbue our ‘Sand of the Earth’with this holiness.

8 theresa on 2013 02 06

G-d bless israel. thanks so much for this inspiring lesson. as a noahide, i feel truly blessed to learn the laws meant for us, and taught by the light to all nations.  i especially liked this part"In the desert we were exposed to the reality of being a Jew. We can suffer the Holocaust and even before we begin to brush off its dust, we experience G-d’s gift of the State of Israel. Even as we are dispersed amongst the nations we are experiencing an ingathering of the exiles.”
as a noahide, i feel very sad that the non jewish world has traumatised the very nation to whom we owe our existence. and its also very sad that this harm to the jewish people continues to this day.  blessings,

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