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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Why Did G-d Create Flies?" - Comments

1 Avigdor Quinn on 2009 04 24

This Dvar Torah is a masterpiece!
You must publish your works on parshas hashavua!
Chailchem Lioraysa!

2 Marc Lee Raphael on 2010 09 30

I think fly larvae (maggots) have been used 4 medicinal purposes 4 a long time. There does not seem to b any question y God created flies!

3 yehoshua on 2013 04 12

Thank you for the wonderful dvar Torah.  Just curious, though, about your translation of yetush, which I thought was a mosquito.  Isn’t zvuv the word for fly? Perhaps in Talmudic/Midrashic Hebrew, a yetush is a fly.
Just for the record, there are carrion flowers (Stapelia) that smell like rotting flesh and are pollinated by flies.

4 Avi Stewart on 2013 04 12

If youa re really curious about flies, take a look at the Kli Yakar where he discusses the relationship between flies and people who speak lashon harah. It is in this week’s parsha regarding the two birds brought as a korban. smile

5 yaacov on 2014 03 28

The Rav says flies have a “lifespan of 15 days” then marvels “the fly cannot be trained after 30 years!’’ The Rav and previous comments also look beyond the obvious purpose of the fly: flies consume feces and garbage.

The d’var Torah is a beautiful one but its marred by its premises being simply off-base.

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