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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Taking a Haircut On Friday Rosh Chodesh Sivan (May 26 2017)" - Comments

1 pnina clark on 2011 05 08

Thank you for this informative article which clarified the matter for me:  I won’t need to ask this year as almost every other year I ring my sisters on th e mainland and ask just what to do on that particular year.

2 pnina, tasmania on 2011 05 08

NB: The article refers to the year 2010 but it is also current for 2011 CE

3 Eliezer Eisenberg on 2017 05 26

Thank you. I’ve responded to this question numerous times this week, and my response has been complicated by the fact that my rebbi muvhak, Rav Rudderman, was, I’m told, mattir, while Reb Moshe, the head of our family, assered. So I had to keep track of who I was talking to.

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