How does He judge us? The same way we judge others.

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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Let’s Get Rid Of the Boxes" - Comments

1 George Kreisberg on 2007 09 10

Dear Rabbi Haber,

A good -in all aspects- to you and your family too.
Thanks for the wonderful shiurim.
Best wishes and chag sameach,

2 HRSGriffin on 2008 10 03

This is so true. I find myself doing this at times, but after reading this shir I will endeavor to work on it even more.

Good Shabbos!

3 D on 2008 10 03

If you take a look at R’ Hirsch by Moshe arguing for the B’Y after the Eigel, you’ll see he uses the same argument, that albeit now they have sunk to an incredibly low level, but they are the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov and hence possess the same spiritual DNA that made them the Avos and hence have the ability to rise up again and become who they were to be destined to become.

4 BE on 2008 10 07

Where exactly is this Midrash quoted? Is it also near/related to the one you once quoted re Moshe Rabbeinu and “Rav loch”???

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