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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Backing Up Our Hearts" - Comments

1 Glenn on 2008 09 11

Zechariah 14:9 says He will be king over all the earth.

Is this to be accomplished gradually over a period of many years?

Will country after country have to be militarily subdued?

Will kings, presidents and dictators line up to pledge alliegance to Meshiach because they know that He is of G-d, and that He is right?

Or will they submit because He has amazing, overwhelming military power at his command?

Is this to be accomplished immediately because of the great impression He will make when He arrives?

Is this speaking poetically?  Parabolically?

I certainly like your image of Meshiach carrying a great Torah roll in his hand (over his shoulder?) where ever He goes.

We wish we could make our politicians think about the Law instead of thinking that they, themselves, are the law.

2 Yohanon on 2012 08 24

Having done hagbahah with safrai Torah - sometimes with the scroll in a box - I know that the Torah is hardly “lightweight” reading.
QUESTION: Was the king’s Torah the FULL (5-books) Torah or just Devarim/Deuteronomy?
Any citable sources to answer this question?
It’s Elul - time for early rising (s’lehot).
Shabat shalom

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