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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Can Jewish Leaders Work Together?" - Comments

1 AVIGDOR QUINN on 2008 03 28

This is truly a masterpiece!
May you be blessed forever!

2 Karen Finkel Fishof on 2008 03 28


3 Ben on 2008 08 01

I like this vort.

Reb Ben

4 Label Deutsch on 2013 04 05

So true. Halevai it should happen speedly in our time. Label

5 Akiva on 2013 04 05

"Can Jewish Leaders Work Together?”—I don’t know. I sure hope they can, but I see too many cases where they can’t or don’t. Do you have any suggestions how we can change that?

6 Yehoshua on 2013 04 06

This is a wonderful dvar Torah.  Thank you and Shabbat shalom.

7 Michael Shebson on 2016 04 01

Beautiful, yet again!

8 Doron on 2016 04 01

Thanks Rebbe! Your insight is so precise and so obvious. May we all be inspired and humbled by it for the Greater-Good.

9 Eliezer Meshulam Roeh Ohr on 2016 04 01


Dear Rabbi Haber,

As you taught us on Thursday in your shiur on Nefesh HaChaim, the opposite of Shalom is Tohu VaVohu, exactly what the world is enduring in these End of Days. And your vort says it all: not only our keaders, but Klal Yisrael individually and as a Holy Nation, must not only not do unto others what would be anathema to each of us, but we must be ever striving to lift each other to higher heights was we climb that ladder together to bring Mashiach and our return to Gan Eden. Thank you for everything that you do to lift us up!

10 Yehudit Rose on 2016 04 02

Thank you, Rabbi Haber, for mining the spiritual essence of the text of the Parsha and extracting the lesson and the prayer. May we be blessed to know leaders of integrity who come together in embrace despite the difference in their archetypal Tafkidim.
Oy.... may it be soon…

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