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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Searching For the Weakness of Our Soul" - Comments

1 S C on 2007 12 23

If one only focuses on one’s strengths in life and excel in it, does that mean that one has not accomplished much, and needs to return in a next life?

2 Danny Rubin on 2007 12 25

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to harness one’s strengths? After all if one works on weaknesses won’t the result be “strong weaknesses”.  Focusing on strength would allow self-esteem, self confidence and a more powerful contribution to the world since it would be leveraging more formidable forces.

3 theresa on 2012 12 28

rabbi, i am a noahide from malaysia and have been studying with a number of orth rabbis and among them r dovid sears whom you know. tis is a wonderful lesson. in one of my weekly parshas a commentary on Jonah based on the explanations of the vilna gaon, ....
one way to discern exactly what the negative influence we have come to rectify is to reflect upon the type of wrong your soul yearns after the most, in this life. and therefore pay attention to your vices.[they tell you exactly what you have to work on in this life]. thank you. a wonderful inspiring lesson. its not easy to rectify our negative faults, and we cant do it. only Hashem can, and thus we need to ask Him to help us. blessings, theresa

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