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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Say Boruch Hashem!" - Comments

1 David Wolfson on 2011 09 21

Could you please pass on to me the source in the gemorra of Boruch Hashem said by Yosef Hatsadik. Thanking you in anticipation.Gut Yohr

2 Rabbi Yaacov Haber on 2011 12 16

The Shelah (Shaar Ha’Osios Aleph- Erech Emes Ve’Emunah 46)

3 Reuven Shefigal on 2012 12 19

This is such an important point you make - that first they expraised praise and subsequently they stinulated the oil miracle - because we are the generation that boldly shouted “Har Habayit Beyadeinu”, yet we abashadly ignore the Mikdash as needing to be the central focus, and have left the place in the hands of Hashem’s foes, while the Hashmoniim saw the disgrace of the Mikdash as blashemous and intolerable. Let us give praise properly and sincerely, and for sure we will thus stimulate the return of the Mikdash.

4 Chaim Kessler on 2012 12 24

Thanks for the awakening. We get so used to saying it every day that we forget the beauty and depth of meaning in T’fila.

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