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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Receiving the Torah - In the desert" - Comments

1 David Kunkel on 2008 05 30

I don’t understand how the Chason Ish’s philosophy illuminates or is illuminated by the significance of the midbar in this drosh. Please make the connection more clear for me? Thank you!

2 Tzvi on 2008 05 30

I think what Rabbi Haber was trying to bring out from the Chazon Ish was that he felt it wasn’t even worth saying his opinion because everyone is stuck in their own opinion and wouldn’t listen anyway. The lesson of the desert is to have a clean slate and be able to absorb without any strongly held preconceived notions.

3 David Kunkel on 2008 06 02

Thank you Tzvi, now that I read your clarification the connection is clear.

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