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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Re-Experiencing Sinai" - Comments

1 Yehoshua on 2010 02 19

The questions at the end of your dvar Torah are haunting and thought provoking.  My problem with davening, even on Shabbos, is that it is such a hurried procedure.  Can’t wait to get some cholent!  I really cannot blame anyone, that would be lashon hara, I need to personally make a change in this area and persuade those around me to do the same.  We can at least take solace from this: receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai was a 40 days and 40 nights procedure that wore out the nation’s patience so that they started worshiping the golden calf!  Now we make cholent out of the calf instead!  Shabbat Shalom.

2 Chaim on 2010 02 19

Much too often , we have serious trouble not only finding the Schechina, but even proper focus in Shul.
Too many are interested in socializing, etc, so that kavanah can be really difficult to maintain.
Da lifney me atah omaid is too often forgotten

3 Harvey Tritel on 2010 02 19

Dear Rabbi:I enjoy yourcomments very much .By way of intro ,I am Moshe Tritels father .i live in the wilderness in No. Ca.Ihave to drive 2 hrs. toMtn. synagogue, held in an Episcopalian social hall; a lay rabbi & minimal organization.Yet I stillfeelthat Igain a sense of direction(reminding me to go up the ladder )It gives me focus &Ifeel the warmth of the Schechinah.Hashem is in our synagogue as He is in yours. He is in our life every day & every moment. we dont need a synagogue to have Hashem walk with us thru our lives.I am happy for you & Moshe &your congrgation for the fullness of your House of worship. I miss it where I live.The important thing tho is ourpersonal relationship with Hashem, our Partner ,Whom we love with all our hearts & all our souls & all our might .

4 Menachem on 2010 02 21

Great dvar Torah as usual, Rabbi Haber, but my eyes look somewhat more kindly on the synagogue life in 2010 America.  In Jerusalem, when the Temple existed, there was a whole Torah-oriented society with Torah promoting institutions.  Here besides the synagogues and the Jewish schools and the few JCC’s which certainly don’t serve all Jews, what else do we have.  Doesn’t HaShem judge us our “job performance” in accord with the work tools and enviroment we are given?

5 Chaim on 2010 02 21

Menachem makes a good point, but ewe need to remember that , per my understanding of the Torah, we are in a partnership with hashem.
When our services in shul are “downgraded” by chatting, etc., aren’t we falling down on our part of the bargain?
we no longer have sacrifices, but for the words of our mouths, in our “replacement “ for the Bais Hamikdosh........our shuls/synagogues.

6 Yehoshua on 2010 02 22

I think talking in shul and the general joke making and frivolity that go on there are part and parcel of the “having fun” mentality that informs our culture.  I live in California where, no matter what you do, you must have fun.  In this matter, each of us could strive to live up to the Torah’s dicutum “where there are no men, strive to be a man” since our addiction to fun is the business of children, not menschen.  That does not mean adopting a full-fledged musar/gevuradik which can create a foul mood all around.  Learning the Alter Rebbe’s Tanya prior to davening (Tanya is divided into daily calendar portions) can defintely help to put you in the proper frame of mind.

7 yehoshua on 2015 02 20

After many years of shul shopping, I finally found a shul that feel like Sinai.  It feels like Sinai for one reason only:  the rabbi is a holy Jew.  He is totally non-judgmental, accepting every person who walks into shul with open arms.  He is not a salesman in any sense of the word.  He never asks you for money!  This rabbi is simply a good guy, a highly moral person, a leader.  He is has both litvak and chassid in his background so that all types of Jews feel at home.  He has definite opinions which you might agree or disagree with, but you will never disagree with the sincere chesed he shows to one and all, chesed which keeps the “eyes and heart” of HaShem within this shul at all times.

8 lisa on 2017 03 03

Hello from Norfolk VA.  I found your dvar Torah quite inspiring.  I came as an adult to shul having little religious background.  I had to learn to block out the chatter and noise to raven w kavanah.  It’s not easy to feel what it must have been like at Sinai but you can try to put yourself in a state of thinking how awe inspiring that was. We are so far from that time and we like to kid around but if we can try it can be achieved.  Thanks for another wonderful article.

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