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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Quiet Time" - Comments

1 Barbara Keating on 2013 12 27

Today I want to thank you for all the wisdom, insight & loving kinds your columns bring me each week. We so often forget, in our weak or thoughtless moments, how much G-d has granted us in his goodness.
Seven years + ago, both my former husband & I had late stage colon cancer. Sadly, he died, while I did suffer, but G-d allowed me to live through the pain.

One of my sons lives in Monsey, NY & is Orthodox. Sometimes, I wish he were here in CA with the family, as we all miss him greatly. but he is so happy in his life, following Torah. I have learned to be glad for him. He is leading an exalted life.

G-d is wiser than even a mother’s love!

Thank you once again for your meaningful
spiritual and, I must add, most human way of making me happy to be a Jew.

2 bobby on 2013 12 27

Kotser ruach, if translated as shortness of breath is a symptom often associated with anxiety, a condition to be expected given the subservient condition they had endured. In a sense they were unable to really hear Moshe.

3 Ploni on 2013 12 27

I think the opposite of kotzer ruach (short of spirit) might be erech apayim (slow to anger).  When we are quick to judge/condemn without thinking things through, we are actually missing out on the message that we are supposed to hear from the messenger.  If we are on the other hand, slow to anger, we wouldn’t be quick to criticize the messenger and think things through and eventually, hopefully get the clear message that is meant for us.

Thank you for your brilliant articles every week, Rabbi.

4 Chaim yehuda Schwartz on 2014 01 03

A thoughtful and very helpful message which should help all of us, if we would but take a little time and effort to put it to use!

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