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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Parshas Bo 5761" - Comments

1 Ovadia Moussali on 2008 01 09

A very interesting and true comment, I couldn’t agree more.

My suggestion is to start this unity at the higher levels and it will trickle down.

The Rabbis need to start this first.


2 lieba moffson on 2012 08 02

in response to the previous comment, let us ALL aspire for closer understanding and love of one an other and not wait for the “ones at the top” to show us how.  Have forgotten how to befriend one another that we need the leaders to give us pointers???  Thank you to the author of the article for once again reminding me to try that much harder to extend myself to those not within my home but those outside my home.  Inside my home comes naturally, outside takes effort.

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