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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"A Call To Action" - Comments

1 Israel Man on 2013 01 18

For accuracy, the slaves in Egypt were not Jews. They were Hebrews or Israelites - B’nai Israel. The term Jews came many years later and refered to the people of Judea and excludes the people of Israel (the 10 tribes).

2 yehoshua on 2013 01 18

I was reading Nefesh Hachaim (of Chaim Volozhin) and there he says that yirah is necessary to keep Torah.  Just as chomet or dust is needed as a preservative for wheat, yirah is needed as a preservative for Torah.  How is yirah achieved?  By complete immersion in Torah.  He quotes the first Mishnah from the sixth chapter of Pirkei Avot:
“Rabbi Meir says:  Anyone who learns Torah for its own sake . . .  is clothed in anava (humility) and yirah (fear/awe/reverence).”

3 dean on 2013 01 18

Me’am Loez interpreted that Ben Hei-Hei is linked with Ben Bag-Bag.  Ben Hei-Hei’s statement immediately follows that of Ben Bag-Bag’s, and is therefore referring to effort in torah study.  Me’am Loaz commented that even if one has limited intellectual capacity, nonetheless, they should engage in torah study, as the reward is related to the effort, not the absolute level of attainment.

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