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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Heroism" - Comments

1 yehoshua on 2010 01 29

Thank you so much for that gliterring dvar Torah.  It takes many years to appreciate that HaShem is in the details.  You are so right about the simple, little things bringing the greatest reward.  The beauty of growing older is that you know what HaShem wants you to do in any given situation and always, it seems, he wants you do the least glamorous, least noticeble, most hidden but definitely good thing that is possible under any set of circumstances.  And sometimes things are the exact opposite of what they appear.  There once was a Jew who was always extremely well-dressed.  When asked why he always dressed well, his response was “so I can better hide the fact that I am nothing.” Yeshar Koach and Shabbat Shalom!

2 Avraham Shmuel Shrybman on 2015 01 31

This is very powerful. The message is very clear and true.  Thank you Rabbi Haber for inspiring us with your Torah insights.

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