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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Our Very Own Esav" - Comments

1 Maggid ben Yoseif on 2013 11 15

Ovadyah is pretty clear that today Beit Esav occupies Jacob’s possessions to which Jacob is returning SPECIFICALLY the fields of Shomron and Ephtaim, promised the non-Jewish contingent of Israel.

2 PA on 2013 11 15

Kol HaKavod!  Thank you Rabbi!  It’s very inspiring.

3 bobby on 2013 11 19

Jacob wrestled with his conscience for having “taken advantage” of Esav two times. Only after he wins the battle and does thuvah does he become Israel. But he is still wounded by his deeds, not until he reaches Shechem is he reported to be whole. Thuvah is the medicine for what ails us but our deeds do leave scars. And the wounds may last for generations.

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