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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Our (Jewish) National Debt" - Comments

1 Yohanon on 2013 01 24

So the question is: Did we mislead the Egyptians or did they mislead themselves (having seen Operation Plagues as you called it)? Even if they misled themselves, doesn’t our taking advantage of them still fall into the realm of theft? Has the debt been repaid? Israel let hundreds of Egyptian soldiers who “accidently” crossed the Canal go home unharmed. Interesting, thought-provoking question.

2 Yehoshua on 2017 02 03

Well some say the gold and silver was payment for the labor we performed as Pharaoh’s slaves.  Remember, though, HaShem’s ways are hidden and imponderable.  The Yaivitz, Rabbi Ya’akov Emden, said that for our many sins Am Yisrael deserved to disappear.  The only reason we have survived all this time is that HaShem wants us to be here, not because of our merits.  Chosen does not mean better.  If you like vanilla ice cream more than chocolate, you are not really making a choice when asked to pick one of them for dessert.  You have an embedded prejudice in favor of vanilla.  True choice means you make a decision to do something on the spur of the moment (נעשה ונשמע)
״just because” without really knowing why except your gut tells you to make a certain choice.  We had no merits when we left Egypt.  Our only hishtadlut was crying out to HaShem (ויזעקו).  Maybe it’s our cry that gets HaShem’s attention.  Maybe he just likes the sound we make when we call out to him.

3 Oved Ruff on 2017 02 04

The destruction of the second Beit Hamikdash and the current Galus (now longer than any other Galus) makes it pretty clear that we didn’t deliver, and probably should repay Egypt.  We built a house with “borrowed” money and got foreclosed not by the lender, but by the King of the Universe. Oops.

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