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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Open Your Tent!" - Comments

1 Chaim Schor on 2007 11 09

And so we see the original source of “Yichus”

2 annie on 2008 12 01

Yes, we are in deperate need of Avrohom and his middah of Chessed and we must emulate him in all ways.  And Klall Yisroel also needs the middah of Yitzchak for those who can pursue that path honesty in intellect and emotion and non nonjudgmental.
If you do not mind, I once rember hearing a story about a maggid who came to Vilna, andthe Vilna Goan called himin privately and said “Give me Mussar”. the Maggid was a little taken aback, but at the Vilna Gaon’s urging,he finally suggested, that the Vilna Gaon was a big Tzaddik and Talmud chocham, but he stayed in the walls of the Bais Midrash “What’s the kuntz to be a big tzaddik inside the Bais Midrash?  the Vilna Gaon replied “It is not our job to make kuntzin, it is our job to fulfill our Tachlis the best way that we can.”
Each person has to try and understand their Tachlis and if they are an Avrohom or a Yitzchak (or a yaakov) Klall Yisroel needs all three !!

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