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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Nearing The End" - Comments

1 Elle Arnot on 2009 08 14

Tone , style & vocab of ur article very yeshivish. Wondered if u are noticing how your writing, which presumably reflects other currents, is moving in that direction. Just observing. Interesting. We do grow like vines---uo, down and all around...Mazel on your trip to US in August.

2 Moshe Don on 2009 08 14

Mazel Tov Tzvi and Raizy!!

3 Menachem Carroll on 2009 08 15

Mazel tov on the new member of the Haber clan!  This is a beautiful upbeat drosh, fitting for your new grand-daughter that she should have a life of brocha.

4 bobby minkoff on 2009 08 16

Mazel tov to all the Habers on the newest addition. This impressive drosh has a lot of transliterated Hebrew, for those of us with limited Hebrew please include the english translation.

5 Yehoshua on 2012 08 17

Your comments about the comfort we gain from HaShem as the key to forming a relationship with Him could be applied to the relationship we seek with a Rav.  You need to feel comfortable with a Rav in order to be inspired by him and to grow in Torah.  What do we seek?  A Rav without an agenda.  A Rav who does not judge us but loves us. A Rav with whom you are eager to share your deepest feelings and failings.  A Rav who, when in his presence, you don’t feel “less than” but, on the contrary, feel stronger than ever before and capable of changing the world. There is a remarkable book, recently published in Tel Aviv by Askila (in Hebrew).  It’s called Ish HaEmunah.  It is mostly letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe but by far the most interesting part of the book are the reports at the end of the book written by individuals who were privileged to spend time in Yechidus with the Rebbe.  Many of these Jews were not observant but, nevertheless, were transformed by their encounters with the Rebbe.  Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov!

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