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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Nachamu!" - Comments

1 yaakov meyer on 2010 07 23

what a beautiful and comforting idea. Yasher Koach and Good Shabbos.


2 Daniel Levy on 2010 07 23

All the pieces are good but this is altogether brilliant on so many levels, the question, the answer and the way forward. Many thanks and Shabbat Shalom.

3 Binyomin Freilich on 2010 07 24

Inspiring and uplifting ! Thank you for a great article both in it’s deep content and also in the style and manner of writing.

4 Shmuel Miller on 2010 07 25

Yasher Koach once again.

Once again, I draw on your dirvrey Torah, Hadrachah and hashkafa for myself and for material I use when addressing young people.

5 Harvey on 2013 07 19

Where in his Mishlei?

6 Yaacov haber on 2013 07 19

Gra on Mishlei Chap 3 verse 12


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