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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Matzoh Before Pesach" - Comments

1 Chaim on 2009 03 12

Well written, as always. Just a thought based on common sense; stopping to eat Matzos within 24 hours of Pesach hardly seems like much of a sacrafice. So that minhag seems inappropriate; most people do not eat matzos that much to begin with.

2 Chamie on 2009 03 13

I couldn’t decide whether or not to make Matza Balls for Shabbos until I read your blog.  Thanks, I’m sure we’ll enjoy them.

3 an. on 2009 03 20

i always wondered where the custom came from to abstain from eating Matzah starting from as early as Purim. thanks again for your very informative blog.

4 Ariel on 2017 04 03

What is the source of the prohibition from Torah SheBichsav?

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