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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Stumbling Upon Solutions" - Comments

1 Shaul Behr on 2009 07 16

Thank you Rav Haber.

I believe this is what Moshe Feiglin ( is trying to do - not just wait passively for Moshiach to bring the Geula Shleima, but to act within the corridors of power and change Israel’s regime from a secular Zionist state ("A Place Among the Nations") to a Jewish state.


2 Moshe Edelman on 2009 07 16

Reb Yaacov

We met several years ago when Sharyn Perlman and I were in Eretz Yisrael. I so enjoy the words of Torah and often share them at my table with haverim

kol tuv

Moshe Edelman

3 S Miller on 2011 07 22

Yasher Koach once again! Thank you for taking the time and for your consideration and thoughtfulness to share your divrey machshava and Torah.

4 ETON on 2011 07 22

Taus gomur------- Leah wasnt barren she had R’uvain plus others. The curse was for a total diff. reason The beds.  CAREFUL RABBI

5 Yaakov Meyer on 2011 07 22

Bimchilas k’vodo. Chazal say that Leah WAS naturally barren. SHe only conceived b’derech neis

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