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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Off The Derech!" - Comments

1 Theresa on 2008 07 26

Dear R, a wonderful lesson, even for us believing gentiles. There are already splits in the noahide groups, some call them selves karaite noahides, and so on, some left back to their old faiths due to bickering. If only we could see the various orthodox affiliations as windows opening to the same House. blessings.

2 sharona on 2008 07 26

great message, we definitely need to reach out to our brothers and sisters, and help them with whatever they need. The more unified we are, the stronger we are

3 ilana on 2008 07 26

R” Haber:… “I think that if we fix Israel and even the world on a micro level, Hashem will fix it on the macro. During this period of the year we must develop a policy of inclusiveness. Find someone who doesn’t fit in; someone who is staying on the wrong side of the Jordan; someone who feels they are not part of the whole, hold their hand and walk them over the river. If we can learn together and daven together, with G-d’s help we will build the Beis HaMikdash together."…

Thank you for this simple yet profound reminder of our obligation.

4 krumlikeapretzel on 2008 07 26

"… if you push someone else over the river, you have gone too far.”

In most cases it really boils down to that. Orthodox communities, and the rabbis in particular proactively alienate a great number of people who were already religious. The inherent intransigence that halacha can never give an inch is certainly part of it, and combined with the ultra-conservative ideology of religious communities and the discrimination against the handicapped, baalei teshuva, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, gerim, etc. is probably going to keep the majority of Jews alienated from Orthodoxy for good.

5 Pro on 2008 08 01

beautiful post. Thanks for the chizuk.

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