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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Making Friends out of Enemies" - Comments

1 Draga on 2011 01 29

O G-d change my heart so I can love even my enemy.
We have to have love our self before we can love our friends and our enemy?

2 Chava on 2011 01 30

Beautiful and inspiring....Something to live one’s life with.  This is a wonderful concept for dealing with enemies within our people......but how does this apply to the enemy whose leaders are threatening to kill you?

3 M.Y.R on 2016 02 05

Rambam Rotzeiach 13:13 states the reason: The Torah is concerned about his welfare even if he has does wrong, “Since they still rally to Hashem and believe in the fundamentals of observance… Tell them, ‘I do not desire the death of the wicked; rather they shall do Teshuva and live.’”
This is not referring to people of the nation who are enemies and looking to destroy.

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