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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Makin’ the Minyan" - Comments

1 DEAN CASPER on 2010 12 17

Well done!

2 Jeff Zucker on 2010 12 19

Thanks for your interesting blog!  What a great story.  I have fond memories of living in Buffalo in the eighties, and in particular the Saranac Shul, with your father the Rav.

3 Sender on 2010 12 19

Thank you for reading. Mr. Sull and I were reminiscing and you came up. He reads reaching regularly and marveled at how it was transcribed from memory every week. Kol Tuv.

4 Shimon Katz on 2010 12 19

While I did not live there, I too have fond memories of the wonderful people of Saranac. Indeed, we feel the Buffalo influence every day of our lives thanks to your father and Rabbi Moskowitz. I almost (emphasis on almost) wish I could have been there for one of those storms!

5 Sender on 2010 12 19

Thank You. We think of you and Shari and Dovid Asher & ?Lester? & the rest often.

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