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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Letting Go" - Comments

1 Elle Arnot on 2016 10 07

Shanah Tova.Part of me believes what you wrote and Im praying that that part will grow and take over the garden.
May you and your family continue to live the miracle in full splendor.

2 Yonasan Danan on 2016 10 13

That’s a brave statement to make; “Rav Nachman Breslover who struggled with depression”. Can you back this up? Rebbe Nachman speaks plenty about avoiding Marah Shchorah. Rabbi Dr A Twerski has called this the number one factor that prevents most people reaching their goals. But to insinuate that Rebbe Nachman suffered from a clinical problem is very serious. To me it does not look like you have arrived at this through reading Breslover literature but rather a Wikipedia lookup.

3 Sara Rothstein on 2016 10 14

Im not comfortable with anyone saying that someone was dyslexic, learning disabled, or depressed without documented proof from that person, or a family member and permission to publicize this. Especially about Gedolei Yisrael! Your point was valid without these irresponsible statements.There are Gedolim who publicly stated that they were not successful when they were young,but they were not these.

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