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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Lets Have an Argument" - Comments

1 Yehuda Konigsberg on 2014 01 10

I completely agree! Good Shabbos.

2 mont on 2014 01 10

I completely disagree.

3 bobby on 2014 01 10

It may be that those who advocate for peace are not aloof but consider ALL the children as their Yosselle and the arguers only consider their Yosselle as the important child.

4 Yehuda Zimmerman on 2017 02 11

The story with Yossele happened at the home of Rav Sholom Schwadron, Zt"l. He picked up the hurt child and was running towards the doctor’s clinic and he saw the child’s grandmother sitting outside her apartment.
She saw Rav Sholom running and was sure that it was HIS son who was hurt. She called to him, “It’s alright. I’m sure he’ll be fine, etc.” When she saw it was HER grandson, she screamed, YOSSELE!”
Rav Sholom used this story when speaking of his concern for the chilul Shabbos in Yerushalayim, with Shabbos being his Yossele.

5 Yehoshua on 2017 02 12

There is no more room for strife and no more ability to absorb musar.  Examine the voluminous writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and you will not find a single word of rebuke, a single trace of machloket or fault finding.  And you will understand why Chabad, far and away, is the most successful outreach endeavor in the world.  A little light chases away great darkness.  Appreciation of this concept is the key to our redemption.

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