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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Clap Your Hands!" - Comments

1 Yaakov on 2010 12 31

awesome dvar torah
thank you

2 Rabbi Marc Kline on 2010 12 31

One of the most awe inspiring drashes I have read in a long time. You write wodnerfully, this weeka nd many others. Thank you for this gift.

3 b-i-l on 2011 01 01

Nice vort on the clapping in davening. I did not know there was a real reason for doing so. Are there particular points in davening when it is done? Can it be done during the Shema brachos and section?

4 geedavey on 2011 01 03

You may be interested to hear how I’ve adapted that practice so that koved I give to a secular leader is brought into the Jewish sphere. In my martial arts class the salute to the Sensei (teacher) is the right fist pressed into the left palm while bowing. I make this gesture during davening as well; firstly, to be sure that the Koved I give to G-d is no less than that I give to this man; secondly, as an alternative to disruptive clapping; and thirdly, mindful that balance is cherished in Judaism, I contemplate that the right hand (Mercy) is formed into a fist while the left hand (Strength) opens into an embracing palm, thus Mercy is empowered while Strenth is tempered, and at the same time they are brought together for another level of balance and unity. This serves as a useful reminder and inspiration during prayer.
Personally I make this gesture during “Shema Koleinu” in the Amida, and would be interested in any response to b-i-l’s question as to when else during davening clapping or a gesture such as mine would be appropriate

5 Yaakov Cohen on 2011 01 03

I have learned that inTorah tradition right over left is better. as that is the law how one should hold his hands when he is in the amidah.
thumbs in the palms, right hand over left against the heart. right -kindness should always overlap, surround, and dominate the left which is din.
a great source for the clapping of the hands is likutei moharan of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Torah 10 where he says it mitigates judgements. it is done anytime during prayer or not in prayer. usually i use it when my thoughts go wandering. i do think it can be done without distracting the prayers of others. call it the silent clap.

6 Michael on 2016 01 08

Outstanding Dvar Torah, as always. Thank you

7 Yehudit Rose on 2016 01 08

Dear Rabbi Haber,
I remember appreciating the thoughts in this Dvar Torah during one of your exquisite Shiurim in Monsey and so appreciated reading it on your site today. Sine then, I have taught the Kabbalah of the Clap in my own classes, and integrate it as well into my own spiritual practice. May we see the day when Hesed and Gevruah find balance and there is Hamtakat Ha’Dinim for all of Israel and all the world. Bless you.

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