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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Kosev - Writing on Shabbos" - Comments

1 Mirrer on 2009 11 27

thanks, very helpful, learning the sugya now.

2 MTJster on 2009 12 02

What is the Halacha with regards to a Parochet that has letters on it? May I zip up my 2009 (yes 2009) World Series Champion Yankees Jacket (or an old worn out 88’ Dodgers one for the west coasters that haven’t accepted the Yankees superiority)b/c by doing so I am completing a letter (the N) or a word?

3 YUer on 2009 12 03

This weeks mention of the Halachik issue regarding library books clearly proves that Rabbi Haber’s recent move to the west coast has had nothinng but positive effects. Thank you for discussing an issue that is constantly prevalent to those of us who are from the open-minded minority. Continue the good work.

4 Mirrer on 2009 12 03

MTJster: if you are zipping in between letters then lechoreh there’s no problem. if you are zipping between a letter than it would have the same din as opening a book, although there might be a problem since it is more mechubar.

5 true YUer on 2009 12 03

It seems someone has taken great liberty to speak on behalf of the YU community, and I would like to know their name. YUer, who are you?  If you will not tell, maybe Rabbi Haber, you can check your computer and expose their email address?

6 Yossi Shandelman on 2009 12 11

Maase Shehaya -
This question was posed to Rabbi Shimon Eider ZT"L while he was providing the hechsher to the LaVista Hotel in South Fallsburg NY in the mid 80’s. I recall his psak at the time was that cutting through letters of a birthday cake did NOT pose an halachik issue on Shabbos even when the letters were made from separate and distinct icing material. Perhaps this psak can be corroborated in his Hilchos Shabbos seforim as well. —Yossi Shandelman

7 M. Heber on 2009 12 26

I read your blog on Kesiva, and not one time did you bring. R. Scneur Zalman the mechaber of the Shulchan Aruch Harav. To completly ignore his Shulchan Aruch, says much about Rabbi Tzvi Habers’ knowledge and piety

8 S Haber on 2009 12 26

Since YU, MTJ and Chabad have been represented, it is only right that the rednecks get in on the party.

I read your blog on Kesiva, and not one time did you bring Coors Light, one of Coors’ finest beers.To completely ignore the white lettering that turns blue when chilled, says much about Rabbi Tzvi Haber’s knowledge and piety.

9 elisha on 2009 12 28

Perhaps R. Habers failure to quote Lubavitcher sources, in fact indicates his knowledge and piety.  We live in times during which messianism has become the norm of the day.  The radical and dominant sect of Ludavich attempts daily to infiltrate and control normative Judiasm.  We are in the midst of a battle with those who warp Judiasm and all that we hold dear.  Kudos to you R. Haber for attempting to stand up to the perversion of modern day Lubavitch, and may we succeed in defeating these enemies of Judiasm.

10 M Heber on 2009 12 28

I have read the reply by elisha. This has nothing to do with Chabad, this has to do with intellectual honesty.
The Shulchan Aruch Harav is,and has been accepted in all of Klall Yisroel. Notice,my original comment has been directed against Rabbi Tzvi Haber. I am sure he can defend himself he definitely does not need your venom injected into an objective observation. To summarize;all your feeble minded attempts to turn this into a Chabad hate fest holds no water when discussing the Shulchan Aruch Harav.

11 Tzvi Haber on 2010 01 07

Although I risk betraying my true levels of knowledge and piety with this, I have perused the Shulchan Aruch Harav at length where he discusses the Melacha of Kosev in which he follows the pattern of the Shulchan Aruch and doesn’t discuss it much at all. I could not find any chidushim that were not already covered by the Shulchon Aruch and Rema, and my style does not usually allow for quoting all who concur with the Shulchon Aruch.

12 M. Heber on 2010 01 14

Thank you Rabbi Haber for your honest and forthright response.

13 David on 2012 09 09

What is allopwable in the case where a new student MUST attend and take part in orientation (enteringv a new college) that is held only on Friday and Saturday (a one time occurence). and must sign his/her name on school documentrs (e.g. financial aid, class schedules or other such papers).. The signing would it seems be done as part of a mitzvah, and is not creating anything new since the person comes into the school with their existing name....No fingerprinting is done either.

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