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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Just One Droplet" - Comments

1 Avigdor Quinn on 2008 05 15

your insight is so powerful!
Chailchem Leoraysa!

2 Theresa on 2008 05 15

Awesome and inspiring. as a noahide i can understand why you all are the chosen nation.
May the merits of this holy nation and people bring salvation to the rest of the world.

3 b-i-l on 2008 05 22

I’m glad that R. Haber addressed the question of why ‘drop-by-drop’ would have served as an inspiration to Rabbi Akiva instead of a discouraging note.
So later on, when the insititution of Smicha was stopped , the works of the 5 served as the wellspring for the conitnuation of Torah.

4 devora grossman on 2012 01 03

What is the gemara source for the stroy when R akiva saw the rock and notice the water wearing it down

5 r.p on 2012 01 04

My guess based on searching is Menachos 29.

6 Chaim Yehuda Schwartz on 2014 05 16

A very important lesson---it gives strength and encouragement to those who “labor in Torah”, at whatever level they are for the moment!
Yasher Koach!

7 Ron Lazarovits on 2014 05 19

You know, if Rabbi Akiva was so great a guy, how come the halacha is never as per Rabbi Akiva, unless he happens to agree with the majority. How come Reb Elazar ben Azaria is so dismissive, even rude , about his abilities? How come he believed Bar Kochba was the Moshiach despite a lot of advice to the contrary including rabbonim in Bar Kochba’s own family? How come he was one of the few rabbis to give examples of sorcery and magic, when this does not happen. ? Cucumbers being spontaneously assembling in the field!!!!  Truth to tell Rabbi Akiva was a fairly ordinary intellect when put along side of some of the great thinkers like Rava, Reb Ishmael, etc. And the Talmud always recognised this.

8 raphael on 2014 05 19

Halacha didn’t usually go according to Rabbi Akiiva since he wasn’t “normal” enough. Similar to why halacha didn’t usually go with Rebbi Meir or Shamai.
I don’t think Rabbi Akiva was lauded for his intellect. Rather for his persistence, leadership and ability to be able to integrate esoteric Kabala in his life. But this ability also made him outside of the sphere of normal human understanding.

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