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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Invulnerable" - Comments

1 baylehaber on 2014 11 21

I find it amazing that these soldiers in WWI, not known for their gentle touch, would not disturb the Rav during the amidah prayers. This is the exact time the murderers this week chose to attack the Jews praying in Har Nof.

woe to the world we live in, to what humanity has become. we must look forward and up at the brave men and women who carry on doing good things and believing in God.  One begins to understand the world in the times of Noah.

2 rbaer on 2014 11 22

Thank you; this clarified for me why Yitzchok exemplifies gevurah.

3 rbaer on 2014 11 22

"It was as if Avraham had built a chain of Royal Farms with free gas across the Negev and Avimelech’s people came and burned them down.” Or, as if the Jews had developed Gaza into a beautiful, productive, stable haven and the Arabs tore it down so that they could say they had nothing.

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