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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"What Did Yitzchok Order?" - Comments

1 AnUncle on 2010 11 07

Did your class not read the psukym? The question should be why is Rashi quoting a mystical Pirkei R’Eliezer to answer a question that does not even begin? Go back and read what Yitzchak Aveenu requested of Esuv. He asked for one hunted game animal, not anything related to a Korbon Pesach.

2 S Haber on 2010 11 07

Rashi is commenting on 27:9 where Rivka fulfills Yitzchak’s request by asking Yaacov to “Fetch for me two young kids”. I’m not sure why the question “does not begin”.

Also, I think that I showed rather convincingly that it was logical to assume that the day was Pesach.
AS far as the necessity for a Korban Pesach centuries before the Exodus. I concur that we are relying on mysticism.

(I generally do not teach mystical interpretations to my students, but I believe that Rashi did not quoted mysticism he felt that it was necessary to understand pshat.)

Thanks for reading.

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