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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Hoshana Rabbah – Doing It Right" - Comments

1 mom on 2009 10 11

lovely, but why do we beat the bundle? to symbolize shedding of sins? (loosely alluded to)and with all this, did you come up with a reason for a ‘gutten kvittel’? eagerly awaiting your reply after your yomtov

2 TorahLab on 2009 10 13

as you said beating the bundle sheds the ‘dinim’ which I presume are the negative judgments becuase of the sins.
A gutten kvittel is spoken about, but I don’t have anything satisfactory for you.

3 Zecharia Weitz on 2010 09 27

Well written and comprehensive. Regarding the “gutten kvittel/ piska tova” we say, I thought it wishing the din-finale’ of Hoshana Rabba should be good(?)
on that note, a gutten kvittel!

4 TorahLab on 2010 09 28

but why a kvittel?

5 anonymous on 2013 09 24

Hoshana Rabba the malachim pass out the kvitlach from the bais din shel maala

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