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The Systems of the Jewish Year

"Hachnasas Orchim - Welcoming Guests" - Comments

1 Elisha on 2009 11 06

I find myself forced to agree with the fanatcical and hate filled - MTJer (I’m not sure which one as there seem to be 2 of them, and some identity theft going on) Reb Tzvi your writing has changed, it no longer reflects the MTJ style, its very YUish.  I believe it is the coast change, as they say G-d held the U.S. on its side and anyone who wasn;t very rooted fell to California.  Keep up the good work.

2 Chaim on 2009 11 06

A very enlightening dvar torah, I learned some things I was unaware of before. Your move to the West Coast has enhanced the lives of all who have met you and learn with you. Your style is uniquely yours and your physical location is irrelevant.

3 MTJer on 2009 11 08

why is YU in the east coast? Its shitos arent rooted.
Rabbi Haber we learn hachnasos orchim from Avrham who invited people who served idols.
@nd the SA holds that 1 who sells tefillin is called an osek bmitzva so why cant a hotle be also?

4 shui on 2009 11 10

is there any chiyuv for a community to make a hachnosas orchim house so as not to be over on midas sedom?

5 TH on 2009 11 10

1) YU has a branch on the west coast.
2) I don’t think my writing style changed but I’ll take your word for it
3) Inviting non-Jews is a mitzvah, but not enough to be allowed to be mechalel Shabbos. Writing a Sefer Torah is Osek Bamitzvah, but my Rebbe told me when we learnt the sugya in Menachis that he wouldn’t be mekayim the mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah. So you see there are varying levels in the mitzvah, and not at all levels is it considered a Halachic mitzvah in terms of other ramifications.

6 TH on 2009 11 10

There is a chiyuv, as communal tzedaka, I don’t think its considered Talmudic midas Sdom.

7 theresa on 2012 04 23

thanks rabbi. but what about visitors who are lazy to cook and come to take advantage of ones hospitality. and what robbers pretending to be poor. thanks. theresa

8 Isaacson on 2013 01 11

Rabbi, could you source some of the gemarot you mention?

9 TH on 2013 01 23

I believe they are all sourced. Anything in particular hat you’re looking for?

10 Isaacson on 2013 02 14

i’m specifically looking for the gemarah that contrasts avraham’s hachnasas orchim with iyov’s. thank you.

11 Tzvi Haber on 2014 11 06

Isaacson - I’m sorry for the very long delay, I mistyped, it’s in Avos Derebbi Nosson, not a Gemara. I do’t have the exact citation at the moment.

12 Isaacson on 2014 11 06

Ah, thank you. That is in Avot d’Rebbi Natan 7:1.

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